chesI have always liked experiments and I’ve never limited myself by painting only on a vertical wall . Several years ago, I saw on the internet like the guys were drawing on a stretched film between the pillars. This idea seemed to me very interesting and I decided to try to do something similar. Instead of the street , as platform for creativity, I chose the forest landscape. I thought that the combination of urban graffiti and picturesque nature would look interesting on the photos. Сellophane graffiti or cellograffiti in the woods can be more attributed to the genre of photography than graffiti, cause it is the only part of the overall concept and it has no future life without beautifully done frame. Only if proteins and rabbits will become admirers of contemporary art . Several years I’ve experimented for all the seasons and in every one I’ve found it’s advantages. In the future I don’t want to stay only on the drawing nature and fonts , so I will find another ways of development in this new art form called cellograffiti.

Every day the number of street artists grows in geometric progression, many of them unwittingly begin to copy the elements that they have seen anywhere and anytime. I was starting to draw when there was no internet and to see pictures of other graffiti artists was really difficult. But in this case the process of development is very slow. Internet and mass media give us a continuous flow of different information and pictures. When I started to paint, it required 3 or even 5 years to draw something worthwhile, but now the young artist can successfully develop in one year. I’m not trying to be like someone, but you can always find the similarity of styles between different people, the earth is round. I know that people get to know my style and I notice how young artists sometimes borrow something from me. This process is completely normal and it should not bother if the style in which you draw is similar to someone else, you just think creatively in the same way. Maybe some years later you’ll move in different directions and it will depend on many vital factors. Certainly you can’t stupid copy other people’s work without using a single gram of your own energy and creativity. And those people who come up with something new (or rediscover and develop something which they have forgotten long ago) typically reach great heights on the creative Olympus.

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